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Study Tips and Skills

I found a resource for study tips and skills on the Edu-tastic blog. The post is interesting because it offers suggestions for not only study tips and skills, but also learning, memory and brain training, productivity, focus, and relaxation.  I have to admit that I'm not much of one for mediatation, etc. as a part of relaxation, but it was interesting that the author included six areas that will assist an individual in the learning process.

There is one important area that the author omitted and that is exercise and diet. Exercise and diet are key factors in relieving stress and staying focused during the learning process. Like I said, there are some things I don't agree with in the post, but it does make you stop and think which is a good thing!

According to the post, "Part of succeeding in school is knowing how to study properly. Indeed, knowing how to study and focus on your tasks is important. Understanding how to learn something, and knowing how to retain what you have learned in your memory are vital skills. You can go to school all you want, but if you don’t know how to learn, it will be more difficult. Here are 50 bloggers who can help you study and learn better:

Study Tips and Skills
First of all, it is helpful to have an idea of how to study most effectively and efficiently. Brushing up on your study skills can help you learn much better and quicker.
1. Study Skills Blog: Offers resources for studying, and helpful tips on improving your study.
2. Study Hacks: Learn study skills from Cal Newport, a postdoc at MIT.
3. Study Prof: Offers tips on how to study smarter from test prep coordinator Cody Blair. Also includes helpful hints and clues for studying for standardized tests.
4. Grace’s Homework: This study tips blog from features tips from education guru Grace Fleming.
5. How to Study Bootcamp Blog: This blog features information and tips on studying, as well as sharing common study mistakes.
6. How to Study Blog: Learning how to study better with tips and hints.
7. HackCollege: Get plenty of useful study help and ideas, as well as general hints on other aspects of student life.
8. College and University Blog: This blog includes study skills ideas, as well as general information on succeeding in college.

Sometimes, it helps to learn about…learning. There are a number of great blogs on learning that can help you figure out your learning style, and utilize to increase your abilities.

9. Special Needs Learning Blog: If you have a learning disability, you can still succeed. This blog helps you learn how to learn — even if you have special difficulty.
10. Creative Learning Systems: Learning Styles Blog: This blog focuses on learning styles, and how you can adapt your learning to your style to make it more effective.
11. The eduFire Blog: Light a fire under your learning abilities with help from this insightful blog.
12. The Rapid eLearning Blog: Want to be a better distance learner? This blog can help you learn more effectively online.
13. Nik’s Learning Technology Blog: Get an idea of how to be a better learner, and how technology can help.
14. TechTicker: Another tech learning blog that addresses learning with technology. Also includes excellent insight on learning styles.
15. The Learning Circuits Blog: Get an idea of how to learn better and the state of learning in general.
16. Learning Blog: This blog helps you learn how to learn. Helpful tips on discovering your learning style so you can succeed.

Memory and Brain Training
Understanding how memory works, and knowing how to train your brain can be very helpful as a student. There are many blogs that can help you give your brain a good workout.

17. Grey Matters: Train your brain with exercises, games and techniques to help you learn and retain all sorts of information much better.
18. Mind Hacks: Learn how to unlock the power of your mind and use it more effectively.
19. Improve Your Learning and Memory: Bill Klemm offers ideas on learning, as well as a number of different systems you can use to improve memory and recall.
20. Improve Your Memory and Better Your Brain Performance: This blog is focused on helping you improve your memory and exercise your brain for better performance.
21. Judy Marcus — Memory Improvement Tips: The “Memory Lady” helps you learn different techniques to improve your memory.
22. Brain Health Blog: This blog offers information and helpful exercises and tips on improving your brain performance.
23. SharpBrains: A blog about improving your brain fitness and training your mind.
24. Mind360: Games, tips and techniques to help your memory stay sharp.
25. The Online Brain Games Blog: A fun blog that helps you find games online to help you train your brain for better memory.

Learn how to better manage your time and boost your productivity. You’ll get more done in less time, and become a more efficient student.

26. Productive Scholar: Ph.D. student Vincent discusses how you, too, can be productive while roaming the halls of academia.
27. Student Hacks: Learn a number of tricks and tips to improve your productivity as you gain knowledge.
28. Zen Habits: This is a great blog that offers simple productivity tips and hacks.
29. Productivity 501: Learn how to better manage your time and do more.
30. Get a better idea of how to enjoy life more — and have more time.
31. Ririan Project: Get helpful productivity tips and guides to developing your own productivity style.
32. Neat and Simple Living: Reduce your life clutter and increase your productivity with organization expert Ariane Benefit.
33. Instigator Blog: Helpful tips on turning your ideas into actionable efforts from Ben Yoskovitz.
34. The Lazy Way to Success: It’s not really about being totally lazy. Instead you learn about how to do things more efficiently so you do less while actually accomplishing more.
35. Laura Stack – The Productivity Pro: Idea for increasing your productivity from guru Laura Stack.

Understanding how to focus, and what to focus on, can be very helpful. These blog posts offer insight into how you can improve the way you focus on information, studying and other pursuits.

36. Heart of Things: This blog post on on five tips for better concentration can aid you as you study.
37. Chetan Bhawani: Provides a helpful post on improving your concentration as you study your school materials.
38. Mary Gardner: A blog post on increasing focus and balancing mood can help you clear the “brain fog” that might affect you.
39. Law School Academic Support Blog: While aimed at law students, the advice in this post on concentration is helpful for anyone who has a difficult time staying focused while studying.
40. Frontline Focus: There is a great blog post on increasing insight and creativity.
41. Sri Chinmoy Inspiration: Offers great tips on improving concentration, including how you can choose surroundings that help you concentrate better.
42. Consistent Parenting Advice: An interesting post on the benefits of concentration, and how to promote better focus.

It may seem odd that relaxation is a study tip, but it is. You will be able to study better, and feel less stress in general if you know how to relax and meditate.

43. Inner Health Studio: Great relaxation tips, techniques and coping skills ideas.
44. Marita’s Daily Relaxation Blog: Helpful hints on how you can relax and learn to rejuvenate yourself.
45. Meditation DNA: Helpful hints for meditation, including visualization meditation.
46. Meditation Zeitgeist: Get help with meditation and relaxation that can help you better focus your energies.
47. Relaxation at Home: Posts that provide you with ideas for more refreshing relaxation at home.
48. Water Fountains and Relaxation: While this blog focuses a great deal on how you can use the soothing sounds of water to relax, it also contains other practical tips on relaxing.
49. DailyOM: This blog focuses on meditation techniques, as well as helping you live a more balanced life.
50. 1,000 Petals: This blog provides insight into meditation and how it can work for you.


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