Thursday, September 11, 2008

Inexpensive Vacation Option?

Are the kids always pestering you for another vacation? With the high cost of travel these days, I made an excellent find called the Virtual Highway.

It’s a Google mash-up of a Google map of New Zealand and video of what the drive actually looks like. As the video plays a little car moves along the highway keeping in synch with the video.

So grab the kids, the spouse, and grandma and take a Griswold family kind of trip, only do it virtually. Instead of piling into the Family Truckster and hitting the road, gather around the computer and make memories. You can also stop the car and see all of the tourist hot spots in photos and/or video on Google Earth.
(Virtual Highway and Google Earth might even have great educational applications as well!)
Let me know what the kids think??? J.T.

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