Monday, December 15, 2008


Have you ever wanted to talk with Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, or Marilyn Monroe?

Virsonas are “Virtual Personas,” created to Reason, Remember and React in the same way that a living, fictional or historical person would. These "Virsonas" can be also be trained and educated by you. In other words, their conversations are driven by user input and knowledge.

Virsonas don't know the answers to everything, but they are capable and willing to learn. As part of the Virsona Community, you can participate in “educating” them using the “Teach” button. So, if you chat with a Virsona and it doesn't know the answer, simply create your free account, and you can begin to “teach” it by simply inputting the correct answers! That's the beauty of a Community; participation, sharing and learning. (Have a chat with President Lincoln.)

Please remember this is a BETA Site, but there are interesting possibilities for Virsona. I can think of several classroom possibilities and also several ways of incorportaing this into your marketing plans. Let us know what you think! J.T.

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