Sunday, February 15, 2009

A New Resource from The Library of Congress

In honor of President's Day, did you know that the Library of Congress is now on Flickr? The Library of Congress has also made digitized versions of collection materials available on their website since 1994, concentrating on its most rare collections and those unavailable anywhere else. This is your gateway to a growing treasury of digitized photographs, manuscripts, maps, sound recordings, motion pictures, and books, as well as "born digital" materials such as Web sites. In addition, the Library maintains and promotes the use of digital library standards and provides online research and reference services.

The Library provides one of the largest bodies of noncommercial high-quality content on the Internet. By providing these materials online, those who may never come to Washington can gain access to the treasures of the nation’s library. Such online access also helps preserve rare materials that may be too fragile to handle.

Check out the
President Abraham Lincoln photo collection on Flickr and have a great President's Day! J.T.

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