Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I was sent a link to a couple of days ago and have just now found the time to take a look. I think Diigo has some very interesting possibilities for educators, especially in researching, archiving, and sharing information, but the web 2.0 applications are what really caught my eye.

There are other websites that offer bookmarking services, i.e. Delicious, but Diigo is different because of it's web 2.0 features. You are now "social" bookmarking and the 2.0 applications creates an online community for learning people, where information, knowledge and community come together. The network creates global communities around information, topics, and knowledge. These communities then connect people through the content they collect, while also enabling people to discover and share information that matters to them with others in the network.

A few of the other features that you should make a note of are the ability to highlight text on any web page, adding sticky notes, and accessing and searching your findings from any PC or iPhoe. You can also create groups that allow you to pool resources for specific projects.

Are you already using Diigo? Tell us what you think. If not, check out the following video and let us know your thoughts as well! J.T. (Thanks to R.D. for sharing

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