Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have You Made a Mistake With Your Curriculum and Assessments?

Have you made a mistake and left the CareerTech Testing Center (CTTC) and MAVCC out of your HVAC programs?

Did you know that the CareerTech Testing Center offers standards and assessments aligned to various HVAC industry standards?

These standards and assessments can help the student determine his/her readiness to take an industry certification exam by identifying areas of strength and weakness. For instance, the 33401 HVACR Technician assessment can be used to determine a student’s preparedness for taking the ICE certification exam.

These assessments can provide instructors with group analyses of student performance that can be used for program improvement.

The assessments can also help enable schools to comply with Carl Perkins regulations requiring Technical Skills Assessments for CareerTech students.

The HVAC series of standards includes the following:
33401 HVACR Technician--aligns to PAHRA Technical Program Requirements
33402 Natural Gas Piping Technician-- aligns to the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Licensure
33403 Refrigeration Technician-- aligns to the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Licensure
33404 Sheet Metal Technician---- aligns to the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Licensure

Did you also know that MAVCC has completely revised two books in their HVACR series: Fundamentals of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and HVACR Electrical Systems? Two new HVAC publications currently under development are Residential and Light Commercial HVAC: System Design and Residential and Light Commercial HVAC: Equipment Operation and Application. System Design should be available in the spring of 2010.

Both the Fundamentals book and the Electrical Systems books are currently approved both by NATE/PAHRA and HVAC Excellence, and crosswalks to both certifying organizations are included in each publication. In fact, it’s the only curriculum approved for use by programs certified through HVAC Excellence.

If you are wondering whether this resource will work for you, you can download a copy of the instructional/task analysis and sample teacher and student pages for both publications below. They’re free and you will have a chance to review the content, format, and even try out a unit of instruction with the students.

Don't make mistakes with your programs and leave out the assessment and curriculum components that can make a difference in your students. Contact the CareerTech Testing Center and MAVCC today! J.T.


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