Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Does a "Test" Mean to You?

There are all kinds of tests out there that are created for all kinds of reasons, but have you ever wondered what a standardized test looks like through the eyes of a 3rd grade student?

We happen to have that question answered for you as a group of 3rd grade students in Stillwater, Oklahoma recently answered that question after reading a fiction book about standardized testing entitled, "Testing Miss Malarkey" by Judy Finchler and after taking their state-mandated tests. What you will read is their own thoughts and typed just like they were written.

The Giant Test by Sabrina

Papers, pencils, test booklets, and stillness. I’m sick of it. We have been doing this for 4 days now, sitting for an hour after specials. There is one good thing about it and that is that we get a snack and a extra recess every day after the test. Mrs. R. said “We would need to write a story about the test and what it was like.

The Story
Once upon a time there was a class of 18 and their teacher was named Mrs. Poke. She is very grouchy all the time. One day Mrs. Poke said “We will be taking a couple of test.” “Oh no not testes” said Cass. It will be for two weeks and we get five recesses each day! “Five recesses that’s super duper awesome,” said Terry. The day of the test came. Everyone was nervous. Mrs. Poke said “Everyone go to your seats with a pencil. We will start our test.” Fifteen minute’s later, Ivan’s mom walked in. Karla said, “Ivan your mom is here.” Mrs. Poke said, “Karla can I talk to you for a minute? Then Ivan’s mom interupted the test. Mrs. Poke said, “here is a spot for you to take the test with us.” She was not happy. Then the test ended. They enjoyed all their recesses and that was the end of the giant test.

Testing by Anna

The big test has come. It is the biggest test of the year. It makes me feel worried. Nothing, I mean nothing, is worse than the big test. Booklets of work, hard questions, worried students, and most of all the long days of the test. Nobody really likes the test because they think it is really hard, but actually it’s not that hard. After every time you get a section everyday of the test done you get to have snacks, more recess, and less classwork. Even though the test is really really long it’s still fun to do. You still have art and math. Another good thing about the test is when you’re done with it the school year is almost over! If you think about it it is what you have already learned. Also if you pay attention you will think the test is easy. One more thing bad is you have to be really I mean really quiet in the hallways. Not even a whisper! When the test is all over everything is normal. Glad students, no more test booklets, and more work. The end

The test by Mary

‘Hey Mary,’ Brooklyn said. ‘What is it?, said Mary. ‘Did you hear, about the test?’ said Brooklyn. ‘Ya I did hear' said Mary. ‘It’s today’, said Brooklyn.

Chapter 2
“To day is the test. It will take four days to finish” said Mrs. R. Welcome to Mary’s thoughts “What if I fail the test” Mary thinks. That’s all for to day see you next time on Mary’s thoughts. “We will begin now,” said Mrs. R. ‘Ok Mary you can do this, I pick up my penicl. Hey this is not so bad.

The Test by Brooklyn

It was test day and my teacher Mrs. R. is alreddy board. My friend Karla is board also. it wus the wurst day ever. I wus so wored I thrugh up. then the test started. I at Lest passed that time. then we went outside and played for a hour then came back inside and had a snack. The next day I wake up and had scrambled eggs. We went to school and it was my friend terry’s birthday and it wus a test day I bet that wus a bad day for her she wus angry. I don’t blame her. Then the other test started evry one complaned that didn’t want to do the test my mom had to go to the Pta and all they talked about wus the test it wus boring. eny ways why is avey one talking about the test it is like if you don’t take it you will die. the Last day oh well it wusn’t that bad right Karla right well wus it Miss R. no


I think we sometimes forget to examine the thoughts and attitudes of our examinees when we create and/or revise our tests. It's an interesting thought and an excellent reminder from a creative 3rd grade teacher and some observant and creative students! (Thanks to RD as well for the idea for this post!)

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