Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just in Time for the Holidays...Critter Carols

I saw Critter Carols by petcentric and thought I would share it with you prior to the Thanksgiving weekend (Just in case the kids get a little stir crazy over the long weekend!). My kids played around with it last weekend and I have to admit that I thought it was funny as well.

You can choose a dog or cat to deliver your holiday message or upload a picture of your favorite pet. You can then pick from a selection of holiday clothes, choose a favorite song, and personalize your message. You can then send your holiday greeting by email, Facebook, or embed the video.

I also enjoyed some of the other options from this page, such as Friendfetcher, which is a breed selector from a dog's point of view.

Try this classic if you would rather ElfYourself!

I hope you will take a look and have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday season! J.T.

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