Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who Knows What in Your Organization? Try Dekks!

"The most important aspect of any enterprise is the employees and what they know."
John Tomizuka, CEO Dekks

I have to agree with John and Dekks provides an interesting twist on social media. I think this could be a great mapping tool to find out who knows what within your organization. In other words, map what exists in the organization in terms of knowledge and how the knowledge and people are interconnected. Dekks could help you answer:

"Who are my key players in key areas?"
"In a specific area, who is my top person?"
"Who are the gatekeepers?"
"How are issues related to one another?"
"Where am I missing possible synergies between teams and people?"
"Who should I give a bonus to?"
"Who makes the best cup of coffee?"
"Who can help with my iPhone?"

We sometimes, unintentionally, corner ourselves into different silos within an organization, but I think this could help break down those barriers. It's more of an informal network that provides notice of updates, new messages, polls, and tasks will be highlighted that show the hot topics in your company. Employees can build their profile and list skills or teams, etc. that can be tagged and mapped. Have you ever been in a meeting and have someone ask a question that you can't answer so you call the person that you know has the knowledge, but they aren't answering? Deks could help you map to other people that would have the same knowledge that you weren't even aware of and you can get your question answered then and not have to wait.

It also makes me wonder if you could scale it down to the classroom level and map the skills of your students? It might be a way to select members for team projects as well. Dekks offers a 30-day free trial and after that it costs $2.00 per user per month.  Take a look a their homepage to see a different demo or take a tour.

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