Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CareerTech Testing Center: J.T.'s Personal Favorites

I decided last night that David Letterman shouldn't be the only one that has fun making Top 10 lists, so here are my personal favorites from the blog ("Testing and Educational Posts" and "Educational Technology Posts"):             

Top 10 Testing and Educational Posts
  1. Free Offer from the CareerTech Testing Center: "The Secret of Writing Multiple Choice Test Items"
  2. 5th Grader's Moving Keynote
  3. Why Do We Test Students?
  4. Understanding the Numbers
  5. Assessment Security and How to Reduce Fraud
  6. Before He Cheats - A Teacher Parody
  7. The Pygmalion Effect: Are You Guilty?
  8. Shmoop: An Excellent Resource for Students and Teachers!
  9. Test Anxiety
  10. Response to Intervention

Top 10 Educational Technology Posts
  1. A Brave New World-Wide-Web
  3. Visual Thesaurus
  4. Visual Dictionary Online
  5. Wordle
  6. When Creativity and Web 2.0 Meet
  8. The Khan Academy: Education to Anyone, Anywhere
  9. Guidebook to Internet Searching
  10. Wolfram/Alpha - A Computational Knowledge Engine
Let me know what your favorites are or if you have new ideas that you would like to see in the blog!

Thanks again for reading and as always, share the blog with others!  J.T.

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