Monday, July 19, 2010

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Found a great video on RSA's website that illustrates Daniel Pink's discussion on what motivates us. Although I am GREATLY motivated by money, Pink makes an interesting point that we are "purpose maximizers" and we have a need to be self-directed.

Pink sites an Australian-based software company that provides employees one Thursday every quarter to work on whatever they wish and with whoever they want.  In other words, administration is saying that you probably want to do something interesting anyway, so just let me get out of your way.  That one day every quarter provides an array of software fixes and new product ideas that otherwise might not emerge.

I do agree with what Pink is saying up to a certain point and that goes back to the economics of supply and demand. If I can work creatively with autonomy, mastery, and purpose then I will, at some point, feel that I should be rewarded monetarily for those skills.

My best summary for what he is explaining is that you should have a passion for what you do and if you are in management, then you should help your employees develop and nuture a passion for what they do. Allow them to be creative and to maximize their purpose!

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