Tuesday, August 10, 2010

11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try This Year

Have you set the goal of trying something new in your classroom this year?

Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers made a great post highlighting eleven tech goals that you should set for yourself.

Please take a look at Richard's post and I promise that you can do any or all of these things. He also provides suggestions and links to different examples.

Here are his eleven tech goals for the year: (Click HERE for the entire post)
  1. Build a Blog or Build a Better Blog
  2. Build a Wiki With Your Students
  3. Build a Website
  4. Create Videos Without Purchasing any Equipment
  5. Create Maps to Tell a Story
  6. Try Backchanneling in Your Classroom
  7. Join a Social Network for Your Professional Development
  8. Use an Online Service to Save Your Bookmarks
  9. Get Your Students Searching More Than Just Google.com
  10. Have Your Students Create Podcasts
  11. Eliminate Inbox Overload

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