Friday, October 1, 2010

School Cheaters Often Have Personality Disorders, Study Finds

I found a very interesting article written by Janet Steffenhagen in the Vancouver Sun (September 9, 2010). So why do some students cheat and others don't? Have you ever thought that the cheaters in your classroom are suffering from one or more of three personality disorders known as the "dark triad": psychopathy, Machiavellianism (manipulativeness) and narcissism?

The article states,
"Students who cheat in school often have personality disorders that make them manipulative, callous, arrogant and difficult to handle, according to a University of B.C. study.

The study, which examined the behaviour of university students over 10 years, concluded that high schools and post-secondary institutions have to find creative ways of discouraging cheaters because many aren't afraid of punishment, are amoral and have a strong sense of entitlement.

"They aren't the ones who are in prisons, at least not yet," said lead researcher psychology Prof. Delroy Paulhus. "They haven't committed serial murders, but they're operating with the same kind of behavioural patterns. They are talented people who are taking advantage of wherever they are -- be it the stock market or be it a competitive school.""

Click HERE to read the entire article.
So what are some creative ways that you discourage cheating? I hope you will share your ideas and also you thoughts on this interesting article!  J.T.

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