Friday, November 5, 2010

The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook For Teachers

Go ahead and admit it.  You always wanted to try Twitter, but you've never felt comfortable using new technology and you really couldn't determine how Twitter could be used in the classroom anyway. I mean who has the time during the school year to learn new technology?

The answer is quite simply....Yes, it's easy to learn and you do have the time because I've found the resource that you've been waiting for! The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook For Teachers (by EDUdemic) is a list of 100 tips, apps, and resources that are separated into the following categories:
  • Resources for Learning Twitter
  • Twitter for Educators
  • Resources for Making the Most of Twitter
  • Suggestions for Twitter Use in the Classroom
  • Apps and Twitterers to Use with Students
  • Apps to Make Twitter Work for the Educator
  • App Resources
  • Tweets to Follow
  • Fun Twitter Experiments
The upcoming holiday season would also be a great opportunity to try Twitter and begin a personal learning network. I hope you will follow the CareerTech Testing Center on Twitter @CareerTechTest

Contact me if you begin a new Twitter account (or even if have an existing account) because I would like to be a part of your learning network!

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