Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Qwiki...The "New" Information Experience

I wanted to let you know about a great new site that I've been reading about.

Qwiki is a multimedia encyclopedia that covers over 3 million reference terms – including a wide variety of people, places and things. You can type in any indexed term (i.e. your hometown, your favorite place, or your favorite actor) and Qwiki will generate an “information experience” describing it. Then watch, listen, and read the Qwiki entry for that topic. Below your chosen Qwiki you will see a selection of related Qwiki entries. You can also find related materials by clicking the "Q" symbol that appears at the end of the Qwiki play bar.

The purpose of the Qwiki Alpha is to gather feedback on each Qwiki you watch. You can do this via a form that’s accessible by clicking on the star rating bar located at the top of each Qwiki, titled “Rate this Qwiki.” Here you can rate the Qwiki based on 5-stars, and leave a comment.

Qwikis can be embedded into your blog or website, posted to Facebook, Tweeted, or emailed. You are also provided options to continue your informational search on Google, Wikipedia, fotopedia, and YouTube. You can also sign up for a "Qwiki of the Day" email.

Below I've embedded a Qwiki about the CareerTech Testing Center:

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