Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pegby: A Great Way for Students and Teachers to Get Organized

I wanted to introduce you to a cool online organizational tool called Pegby.

Pegby allows you to organize tasks and to collaborate with students, classmates, friends, co-workers, family and friends. Pegby is set up like a corkboard with three columns where you can place "3x5 index cards." There is a column for things to do, a column for things in progress, and a column for things that are done. You can also modify the number and organization of columns and then easily expand or collapse the columns as needed.

The "3x5 index cards" are tasks, ideas, etc. that can be added to each column. The index cards can include a title, content, tags, attachments, a due date and you can also add color coding. Index cards can be dragged from one column to the next, shared with others, or added to a stack of cards. Set up as many boards as you like and get your personal and professional life organized! What a great way to get organized for the new school year!

Watch the video below for a quick demo of Pegby:

Pegby in Two Minutes from Pegby on Vimeo.


  1. I tried Pegby with a colleague just this afternoon after I read your tweet. We decided that we prefer google docs because the planning we do requires bigger documents and projects than what Pegby allows. But for someone who enjoys figuring out how things work, shuffling things from one place to another, or likes the planning process,this would be fine. Thanks for the adventure of trying something new.

  2. @PatESL...I agree that Pegby might not be the answer for large projects, but it might be a good solution for snall student projects and/or planning sessions. Thanks for the input!


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