Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - Turn Your Twitter, Facebook, and RSS Feeds Into Online Newspapers

The Cool Cat Teacher Daily Tweetpaper, the product of Swiss startup SmallRivers, allows you to easily scan the hundreds of valuable articles shared daily by the people you follow on Twitter, Facebook, and through RSS feeds. Articles are organized into topics, summarized, the multimedia is extracted and tweets are re-integrated into context. could have great applications for classrooms and also for businesses as a way of sharing information without blogging.

I recommend using along with Listerous. Listerous is a Twitter list directory, where you can find a list on almost any subject you can think of. You can take any one of those lists and create a newspaper out of it in For example if you like Technology, go to Listerous and find a list under the keyword Technology and create a newspaper out of that list. Now once a day, you can have a newspaper with all the major news headlines or the topics that interest you the most concerning Technology. As I mentioned above, the paper shows text, pictures and video. It even has a live feed of tweets that are coming in realtime from that list.

Alternatives are Flipboard (aggregates your twitter, facebook, and other feeds in a ten page magazine format) or Feedly (a news reader that allows you to read share the contents of your favorite sites) which you can use on your smart phone or tablet. The advantage to these options is that the updates occur in real time and not on a daily basis like All of these are great products, but the one that you choose depends upon your purpose.

Let us know if you create a newspaper!

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