Friday, October 28, 2011

Carpentry Skills Workbook - Another Great Product from CIMC

I would like to announce another new curriculum product from CIMC...

Carpentry Skills WorkbookNew!

This student workbook includes 60 job sheets addressing skills in residential and commercial carpentry. It contains step-by-step procedures featuring 200+ illustrations, equipment and supplies list for each job sheet, an evaluation rubric for each job sheet, and a blank profile of training mastery (for teacher sign-off on student's skill mastery).

It is ideal as a resource for each student to supplement in-depth textbooks or as a job aid.

Job sheet categories include:
  • Residential door installation (10 job sheets)
  • Residential roof framing (8 job sheets)
  • Wall & ceiling framing (7 job sheets)
  • Stair framing (1 job sheet)
  • Cornice and gable ends (2 job sheets)
  • Exterior walls & trim (4 job sheets)
  • Cabinets, shelves, and built-ins (2 job sheets)
  • Floor finishing (4 job sheets)
  • Roof finishes (4 job sheets)
  • Column forms (2 job sheets)
  • Beam forms (3 job sheets)
  • Above-grade slab systems (4 job sheets)
  • Bridge deck forms (1 job sheet)
  • Fireproof encasement forms (1 job sheet)
  • Commercial door installation (7 job sheets)
Contact the Customer Service Division at 800.654.4502 to place your order today!

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