Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Complete Educator’s Guide to Using Google Reader

One of my favorite bloggers, Sue Waters on The Edublogger, has created "The Complete Educator’s Guide to Using Google Reader." The post is based upon the new Google reader interface and is broken down into the following seven categories:
  1. Intro to RSS and Google Reader
  2. Setting up Google Reader and adding subscriptions
  3. Managing Subscriptions using Folders
  4. Reading posts inside Google Reader
  5. Reading posts from Google Reader on an iPhone or an iPad
  6. Creating a blogroll using Google Reader
  7. Creating a public page using Google Reader
I highly recommend that you use a reader, if you are not currently doing so, as it can greatly simplify your life by reducing your emails and by managing your learning. If you are using a reader, Sue's post can show you a lot of tips and tricks that you may not know.
In case you aren't familiar with RSS feeds and readers:
  • The information from a blog, website or wiki is known as an RSS feed
  • Feeds on a blog (or website) are generally marked with the orange icon above or else there is a piece of text like "Subscribe here"
  • Generated in XML format
  • Also manages and monitors all the feeds to which you have subscribed
Please read: "The Complete Educator’s Guide to Using Google Reader" by Sue Waters.

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