Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dyslexie is a Typeface for Dyslectics

I found an interesting website and video that I wanted to share with you concerning dyslexia (a developmental reading disorder that occurs when the brain does not properly recognize and process certain symbols).

According to the site studiostudio, Dyslexie is a font that:
"is especially designed for people with dyslexia. When they use it, they make fewer errors whilst they are reading. It makes reading easier for them and it takes less effort. The Dyslexia font is used by several schools, universities, speech therapists and remedial teachers.

Independent research undertaken by the University of Twente, proved that the Dyslexia font improves reading results.

The study at the University of Twente showed that people with dyslexia made fewer reading errors when they use the dyslexia font compared using standard font.

A part of the conclusion of this study is:
The people with dyslexia made fewer errors, than normal readers, on the EMT when using the font “Dyslexie”. This is an indication that reading with the font “Dyslexie” decreases the amount of reading errors."
I haven't read anything else on the "Dyslexie Font" but it would be interesting to know if it truly works???

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  1. Being a parent of a child with dyslexia and an educator that has heard both sides of the dyslexia debate, I find this most intriguing. If it really works it would save so many tears of frustration and pain of failure. We tried everything with my daughter but with every new strategy came the sigh of dismay and the fight against anything that would set her apart from the rest of the kids. The use of a different typeface would be the most non-invasive approach for solving a very serious problem. I wish I had thought of it 20 years ago.


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