Thursday, January 26, 2012

Construction Concepts TLA Now Available from CIMC

CIMC has recently introduced a new Construction Concepts TLA (Technology Learning Activity) that covers the basics of construction and takes students through the process of building a structure. Students will create a scale model of an early home, design a home as an architect (online), research alternative housing materials, build a base floor, estimate framing materials, frame an interior wall with a door, cut pipe, join pieces of pipe, plumb lines for water, wire a light switch, estimate drywall material needs, install drywall, tape joints, compare heating and cooling methods, determine elements of style, paint a wall, complete a green building survey, and research a career related to construction.

The TLA is also crosswalked to Oklahoma PASS (Technology Education) standards, ITEA standards, and AAAS standards and includes the following lessons:

Lesson 1: The Basics of Home Construction
Lesson 2: Building Materials
Lesson 3: Foundations and Concrete Work
Lesson 4: Estimating Materials
Lesson 5: Framing
Lesson 6: Let the Water Flow!
Lesson 7: Lights On!
Lesson 8: Drywall and Wall Finishing
Lesson 9: Heating and Cooling
Lesson 10: A Thing of Beauty
Lesson 11: Green Building and LEED
Lesson 12: Careers in Construction

Contact the Customer Service Division online or at 800.654.4502 to place your order today!

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