Monday, March 12, 2012

A Great Resource for iPad Features and Shortcuts

40+ Super Secret iPad Features and Shortcuts is a great resource article written by Joel Bankhead in iPad.AppStorm. I can't say that more than a few of these are truly "Super Secret" to me, but there are some great reminders for the experienced iPad user and an even better resource list for those who are new to the iPad.

I've posted a few of my favorites below, but you can access the rest of the iPad features and shortcuts by clicking HERE:
  • Remotely Secure Your iPad - If you’re worried that your iPad has been left in mortal peril, you can use the online iCloud site to remotely set a passcode. For ultimate privacy protection you can press the figurative self-destruct button and erase all of your data!
  • Find Definitions - Ever wondered what a word meant and used the app (others are available) to find out? Took you several taps and half a minute, didn’t it? Just tap and hold to select the word and tap Define, the built-in Dictionary is at hand!
  • Take a Screenshot - Let’s start gently, taking a screenshot is one of the simpler things on this list. However, it can be invaluable when you grab a particularly smashing high score and need to immediately gloat on your social network of choice…Simultaneously hold down both the Home button and the Lock button for almost a second, and voila! A screenshot appears in your camera roll.
  • Quick App Switch - Again using a four-fingered swipe, this time left or right, you can quickly switch between apps. It takes a second before the app you’ve selected is fully active, but it’s a very useful way to go back and forth between apps.
  • Pinch to Home - This one of my absolute favourite gestural additions in iOS 5 – never use the Home button again! Simply pinch with five fingers to return to the Home Screen, enjoy…
  • CAPS LOCK - To enable Caps Lock you merely double tap the shift key. Tap once to turn it off. Couldn’t be easier than that!
  • Split the Keyboard - Now this I can see being useful. Follow the instructions as above, but select the Split command – your keyboard will divide in two, shrink, and move up slightly. This allows you to type using both of your thumbs!

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