Friday, April 6, 2012

Have You Always Wanted to Build Your Own Mobile App? Try Yapp!

Photo appears courtesy of Mashable
 Do you love apps for your mobile device? Have you always wanted to design an app for your conference, wedding or party?

If so, I want to introduce you to a new app builder called Yapp. It's great to have a website for an event, but when you go to an event you are mobile. Yapp helps you stay connected to the event by offering addresses, schedules, news feeds (to chat or upload photos), and bio pages. It allows users to build an app within minutes and you can even choose a template.

According to Sarah Kessler at Mashable:
On Wednesday, Yapp launched a free private beta version of its event-focused app builder.

In exchange for the inflexibility of the platform, users get prettier apps and a builder interface that is about as easy to use as a Tumblr blog. When they’re done, they can publish to the app store and mobile web for free (eventually Yapp will charge to add some app features).

Yapp is the most basic app builder we’ve seen. You’re not going to build the next Angry Birds or even tout your small business’s brand using the platform, but ... there’s still plenty of potential for generic apps.

“[With web pages], tools came into the market that made it really easy for people to create a blog or a website for the PTA,” Maria Seidman  (Yapp co-founder) says. “We think the same thing will happen with apps, but at a much more rapid rate.”
As mentioned above, Yapp is currently in beta, but you can request a beta code to get access to this new service. Please read the Mashable article in its entirety be clicking HERE.

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