Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Record in Cheating on College Entrance Exams?

A 35-foot long cheat sheet with 25,000 answers?

That's right and I'm appalled yet very impressed at the thought of that much test preparation. Just think of the time, effort, and creativity involved in creating such a cheat sheet and I wonder how you could possibly access it once it is wrapped around your body? Couldn't you just pass the test anyway after doing that much test prep?
The Austrian Times reported that "a high school student has been expelled after being caught with a 35ft long crib sheet wrapped around his body during his university entrance exam in Kazakhstan. ...Education authority spokesman Bolatzhan Uskenbayev said: "If he'd put half as much effort into studying as he did into cheating he would have sailed through the exam with a distinction. It's a pity too see all that work come to nothing but he cheated, and that's not allowed."
I've seen small cheat sheets, answers written on erasers or on calculators, people copying off of someone else's test, or notes being passed, but this takes cheating to a whole new level.

How many of you think this budding evil genius will soon be demonstrating his talents on YouTube by creating the next cheating video that goes viral? Is there a category for this in the Guinness World Records? If not, will they create one? Will someone try and establish a new record? If so and you don't get caught, could you actually report the new record?

On a more serious note, it is sad that any individual would put that much pressure upon himself to perform well or possibly be that lazy that he didn't properly prepare and resorted to cheating.

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