Friday, January 25, 2013

Edcanvas: The One Place to Organize, Present, and Share Knowledge

I was reading Joyce Valenza's post on the Never Ending Search  this morning and learned about EdCanvas.

Edcanvas is a great tool for presentations, sharing information, or just saving information for future use.

The platform uses a canvas composed of visual grids (tiles) that allow you to simply organize materials or media such as videos, images, links, and text (your content, commentary and questions, or the work of others).

As Joyce states, "Built-in search tools make it easy to find relevant content from within the platform. Content may be easily dragged in from Google, Youtube and Flickr searches or from Dropbox, Google Drive, your own bookmarks, your recent searches or your desktop. Tiles are easily scootched around and users can continue to add rows to a canvas. Each tile displays with a media icon label."

I also wanted to let you know that an iPad app is in the works and please take a look at The Never Ending Search for additional information and uses for Edcanvas.

How to Create a Canvas on Edcanvas (video)

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