Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IfItWereMyHome.com: Compare your Country with Countries from Around the World

I found an interesting and fun site last night that I wanted to share with you. 

Comparison of Haiti vs. Oklahoma (United States)
IfItWereMyHome.com allows you to compare your country of residence with countries from around the world. As the site states:
The lottery of birth is responsible for much of who we are. If you were not born in the country you were, what would your life be like? Would you be the same person?

IfItWereMyHome.com is your gateway to understanding life outside your home. Use our country comparison tool to compare living conditions in your own country to those of another. Start by selecting a region to compare on the map to the right, and begin your exploration.

You can also use our visualization tool to help understand the impact of a disaster. The Pakistan Flood and BP Oil Spill are currently featured. Check out the individual pages to gain some perspective on these awful tragedies.
Besides just being fun and interesting, there are some educational benefit to the site as well. Take a look and share your thoughts with us on IfItWereMyHome.com.

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