Monday, March 11, 2013

The CareerTech Testing Center: Celebrating Nationwide Provision of High-Quality Tests

Jennifer Nuttle, Jennifer Lathem and Teena Friend accept the
Questionmark Gettings Results Award on behalf
of the CareerTech Testing Center
(Aaron Clamage Photo)

I must admit that I'm quite proud of receiving the Questionmark Getting Results Award considering the number of companies from around the world that use Questionmark Perception.

Here is last week's Questionmark post by Joan Phaup that highlights the event:
This week's Questionmark Users Conference was a celebration of many things – Questionmark’s 25th anniversary, new and future tools for making tests and other assessments more powerful and meaningful, tremendous progress on many fronts. It’s also a celebration of our customers’ achievements, which shone brightly during case study presentations, discussions and a session on best practices on secure testing in remote environments.

This year, we had the pleasure of presenting a Questionmark Getting Results Award to the CareerTech Testing Center at the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (ODCTE). The award cited the Testing Center’s provision of tests that help institutions throughout the United States satisfy compliance criteria for state and national educational initiatives and meet certification requirements for more than 60 occupations.

The CareerTech Testing Center creates and administers competency assessments that enable students in CareerTech programs to demonstrate their mastery of knowledge related to their chosen occupation. The center offers more than 100 exams covering a variety of occupational areas and delivers more than 95,000 assessments each year to proctored sites across Oklahoma and 25 other states.

The Testing Center develops exams with the help of subject matter experts and uses Questionmark Analytics extensively during the annual review process of all exams to maintain item quality and ensure that test items meet rigorous performance standards.

ODCTE has worked together with Questionmark to find efficient ways to distribute tests nationwide and has proven the value of leveraging test content. Through partnerships with industry organizations, professional associations and government agencies, the CareerTech Testing Center offers many institutions convenient, efficient and economical access to high-quality tests. Congratulations to everyone who works there!

Learn more about CareerTech Testing Center assessments here.

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