Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How Will Technology Change Education by 2028?

Fifteen years ago, Google was born. Can you remember what life was like before that time?

I don't know about you, but thinking about the past always leads into thinking about the future. So now I'm asking myself how will technology impact education during the next 15 years? Will technology continue to impact learning in more of a typical cause-effect relationship or will it evolve to the point "where one absorbs the other, where information access, socializing ideas, and creative collaboration may be organic and completely invisible?"

So what will affect education the most in the future? Will it be adaptive computer-based testing? MOOCs or open source learning models? Blended learning models? Game-based learning? If not those, will it be biometrics, personalized learning algorithms, or will learning simulations begin to replace some teachers and some schools?

In "30 Incredible Ways Technology Will Change Education by 2028" Terry Heick (TeachThought, March 2013) shares his ideas on how technology might affect and change education in the near future. I hope you will take a look and, whether you agree or disagree, I believe these types of lists are always fun to look at because they make you think about the future and wonder about the skills you will need to acquire to best serve your students.

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