Monday, May 20, 2013

Best of the Web - A Great FREE Resource for Websites, Apps, and More

CIMC has just completed the eighth edition of their free web book, a resource which has been popular with educators for many years. This edition incorporates many firsts. It is the first edition to include apps for both instructors and students, and the first to be offered on CD as well as in print. As always, CIMC provides a variety of websites to enhance the classroom experience, offers avenues for professional development, and assists instructors with student engagement and enhancement activities. With this version, they have included sections of websites for:
  • Common Core
  • Teacher Resources
  • eLearning
  • General Interest
  • Careers
  • And websites listed by cluster
CIMC is offering the complete Websites, Apps, and More as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Print and CD versions are also available at no cost at many state and national conferences (see CIMC's exhibit schedule).

If you'd like to purchase multiple copies of either the print or CD versions of the web book, contact CIMC's Customer Service Department at 800.654.4502.

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