Monday, July 29, 2013

What Will the Future of Learning Look Like?

The education foundation KnowledgeWorks has released a forecast on five disruptions that will reshape the future of learning. The forecast focuses on ways that technology and new teaching strategies are not only shaking up traditional learning models, but they have the potential to radically change the way that students learn.

Also check out the following infographic from KnowledgeWorks that provides a glimpse into their projection of the future of learning: (Although each area will affect how we instruct our students and how we perform our jobs as educators, I believe CTE will play a significant role in the key insight that states, "continous career readiness will become the norm."

According to KnowledgeWorks:
This infographic tells the big story of KnowledgeWorks’ third forecast on the future of leanring, Recombinant Education: Regenerating the Future of Learning. Comprised of twelve key insights with accompanying graphics, it points the way toward a diverse learning ecosystem in which learning adapts to each child instead of each child trying to adapt to school.

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