Friday, October 4, 2013

New from CIMC: Career Focus STEM Careers

Career Focus STEM Careers Edition is a new career exploration and preparation guide created by CIMC. This full-color magazine combines essential career guidance with web activities and “skill builder” opportunities to help prepare students for college and career opportunities.

Articles include:
  • Identifying Possible STEM Careers
  • Highest Pay in STEM
  • STEM Careers You Might Not Have Thought About
  • Individual Career Plans, Career Clusters and Pathways
  • Online Tools for Career Planning and Preparation
  • Getting Ready for College
  • Finding Job Opportunities
  • Managing Your Digital Dirt
  • Strategies for Networking
  • Career Myths and Realities
  • CareerTech Champions in Science
  • Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
 About CIMC:
CIMC develops quality, competency-based instructional products and services for career and technology education. High school programs, area technology centers, junior and community colleges, proprietary schools, and government agencies are users of CIMC products. Business and industry customers are also learning of the training and cost advantages of using CIMC instructional systems. Several industry groups and trade associations have participated in the development of their products and services.
You can reach CIMC to order online, by phone, or by fax:
• 800.654.4502
• 405.743.5154 (fax)

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