Friday, October 3, 2008


Just found a website called You can upload pictures and sync them to music, free for 15 seconds. What a great way to add something interesting to your website, presentation, or report. Longer versions, with CD quality, will cost you, but you can create a class assignment, place it on YouTube or send it to your iPhone. I think there are lots of applications....

Here is a video that demos new products at CIMC. The best thing is that it only took a few minutes to make:


  1. Thanks for tip about Animoto. We have tried it and like it so far. Think we will purchase it for $30 and see whatelse we get.

  2. Thanks for responding and let us know what you think after you make your purchase. J.T.

  3. A Quick Announcement--

    Add text to Animoto!!

    It's true: you can now insert text into your Animoto videos. And not boring caption-like text--It's text the way it's done in tv & film!

    Check out this example:

    Tell a story in your video. Recapture a night's memories by titling each section of pictures. Send holiday greeting cards to your loved ones. Make
    party invitations through a video. Or remix your current Animoto vids to add text.

    Head to to get started. Soooo easy.

  4. I sent a Valentine to my hubby using this program! Very Cool.


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