Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Happens When a Student Cheats?

Cheating on Tests

If any candidate is caught cheating during an examination, testing will stop immediately. The candidate will receive a failing result and the incident will be reported to the CareerTech Testing Center (CTTC).

Several factors to consider when cheating occurs:
• Widespread cheating (e.g., answer copying) jeopardizes the validity of results.
• Leaking of test items damages the credibility of the individuals involved, as well as the school and the CTTC.

Tips on how cheating can be prevented:
• Advise test takers that testing is monitored continuously for irregularities and cheating.
• Minimize testing attempts.
• Use the Coaching Report to see if participants are scoring consistently, as expected. Did some participants “ace” the test unexpectedly?

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