Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Financial Literacy and

WeSeed is a social site that has a specific aim, namely helping ordinary people get into the stock market and understand the way it is operated. The team behind this project propounds that we all know more about the stock market that we realize, as every single decision we make in our real life has an effect in the financial world at large.

As a result, the site gives users a closer look into the companies they are connected with in their daily lives. What’s more, since the site is a social resource, users can interact with each other and see which ones of their preferred companies are worth buying. In actuality, users do not invest real money, but a currency named WeSeed cash. This currency is employed so that users can practice investing without risking their real money. A $1 million in WeSeed cash is provided when you sign up. From that point onwards, you can start buying and selling stocks and expanding your virtual portfolio. Once you feel confident enough, you can resort to any brokerage firm and put your newly-acquired skills into practice.

I believe that WeSeed can complement the new Financial Literacy Skills curriculum available through CIMC and it would also be a great preparatory instrument for the online Financial Literacy assessment available through the CareerTech Testing Center (please check out our Financial Literacy Skills Standards)

Empower your students to get a better understanding of the stock market through the things they already know and love — the clothes they wear, the cars they drive (or the bike they ride), and the burgers they eat. Everyone has the right (and responsibility) to know how the market works, not just the guys on Wall Street or your local broker. GET EDUCATED about your personal finances and let your money work for you. WeSeed has created a fun, free, risk-free way for real people to get a clue about the market and make better financial decisions. Try it and tell us what you think! J.T.


  1. J.T.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with WeSeed with your readers. Please always feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions - we're always open to new ideas and features that will make the site even better. Feel free to either submit feedback while on the site or reach out to me directly.

    Best regards,
    Shannon Paul
    Communications Manager
    WeSeed/PEAK6 Online

  2. Thanks for sharing such great post, according to me many people are investing there money in different places, but they don't have proper knowledge about it. People should not invest blindly or without any knowledge otherwise there may be some chances of risk. First step is to see, second is to check, third is to inspect, forth is to interrogate and finally the fifth is to decide by following this step we can increase our literacy of financial matters. For more details on Financial Illiteracy refer

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