Friday, October 9, 2009

DocVerse: "Brainless, Simple Sharing"

Troubling economic times create hardships for most of us, but I try to remember the positive consequences of every economic downturn…creativity and entrepreneurship.

Two former Microsoft employees, Shan Sinha and Alex DeNeui, are aiming to transform and simplify how users share documents and collaborate with one other by transforming Microsoft Office into an online collaboration suite. Their creation, DocVerse, allows many people to edit the SAME document in near real time.

DocVerse doesn’t replace Microsoft Office, it enhances the entire suite, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In other words, you get added benefits without having to learn a new application. There is no need to repeatedly send emails with attachments back and forth…and back and forth…and back and forth. Simply install the plug-in and create an account. The user can share the file through a url, publicly or privately, behind a login screen. Edits or comments can be added to the document from the web. DocVerse automatically tracks version history so if you don’t like the current edits, you can revert back to the previous version.

So if you are looking for ways to improve efficiency and allow timely collaboration across locations, try DocVerse.

(Check out the demo video below!)

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