Friday, October 30, 2009

What Do You Need to Know About Item Analysis?

I've been following a great series of blog posts from Questionmark. Greg Pope, Analytics and Psychometrics Manager for Questionmark, has written an 8-part series on Item Analysis and Classical Test Theory (CTT). Item analysis is currently a hot-button topic for any discussion involving testing and Greg presents the information in an manner that is both interesting and easy to follow. I highly recommend that you read the following series of posts or download "Item Analysis Analytics: The White Paper." (You may need to create a free membership to the Questionmark community to download the white paper):

Item Analysis Analytics Part 1: What is Classical Test Theory?
Item Analysis Analytics Part 2: Conducting an Item Analysis
Item Analysis Analytics Part 3: What to Look for in an Item Analysis Report
Item Analysis Analytics Part 4: The Nitty-Gritty of Item Analysis
Item Analysis Analytics Part 5: Outcome Discrimination and Outcome Correlation
Item Analysis Analytics Part 6: Determining Whether a Question Makes the Grade
Item Analysis Analytics Part 7: The psychometric good, bad and ugly
Item Analysis Analytics Part 8: Some problematic questions

This is a great resource for item analysis and CTT and it should be required reading for anyone that interprets tests at any level! J.T.

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