Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Entrepreneur Skills Standards and Assessment from the CareerTech Testing Center

I wanted to announce the new Entrepreneur skills standards and assessment being offered by the CareerTech Testing Center.

The following duty areas comprise the skills standards (take a look at each duty area on the standards for the specific tasks within each duty area):
  • Understand the Concepts and Processes Associated with Successful Entrepreneurial Success
  • Understand the Personal Traits/Behaviors Associated with Successful Entrepreneurial Performance
  • Understand Fundamental Business Concepts That Affect Business Decision Making
  • Understand Concepts, Strategies, and Systems Needed to Interact Effectively With Others
  • Understand the Concepts and Procedures Needed for Basic Computer Operations
  • Understand the Basic Economic Principles and Concepts Fundamental to Entrepreneurship/Small-Business Ownership
  • Understand Personal Money-Management Concepts, Procedures, and Strategies
  • Understand Concepts and Strategies Needed for Career Exploration, Development, and Growth
  • Identify How to Change System Settings, Install and Remove Software
  • Understand the Concepts, Systems, and Strategies Needed to Acquire, Motivate, Develop, and Terminate Staff
  • Understand the Concepts, Systems, and Tools Needed to Access, Process, Maintain, Evaluate, and Disseminate Information for Business Decision-Making
  • Understand the Concepts, Processes, and Systems Needed to Determine and Satisfy Customer Needs/Wants/Expectations, Meet Business Goals/Objectives, and Create New Product/Service Ideas
  • Understand the Processes and Systems Implemented to Facilitate Daily Business Operations
  • Understand the Concepts, Strategies, and Systems that Businesses Implement and Enforce to Minimize Loss
  • Understand the Concepts, Strategies, and Systems Needed to Guide the Overall Business Organization
Please contact the CareerTech Testing Center at 405.743.5412 to order this new assessment! As always, you can access our skills standards for FREE on our website.

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