Thursday, February 11, 2010

Social Media Revolution

The following video does a great job in explaining social media as a fundamental shift in the way that we communicate.  Social media is no longer a "fad" and I agree with the video that "successful companies in social media act more like party planners, aggregators, and content providers than traditional advertisers."

I think the internet was the creation of the information age, but what do we do with all of the information that has been collected? Social media will allow us to disseminate this information into smaller, more specific chunks to individuals that can make use of the data. Social media is a means of not only finding and sharing information, but of collaboration and discovery. Take a look...

I made a similar post entitled, "A Brave New World-Wide-Web," that also demonstrates this fundamental communication shift. Take a look and tell me your thoughts concerning the evolution of social media.

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