Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free 33 Page Guide - Google for Teachers

Google for Teachers -

Are you aware of many of Google's offerings like search, docs, and maps, but not really sure how to use these tools or what these tools offer beyond the obvious?

Richard Byrne, the creator of Free Technology for Teachers, has created a "Free 33 Page Guide - Google for Teachers" that I recommend you take a look at.  He focuses on some of the lesser-used Google tools options like publishing an online quiz using Google Docs. In all there are 33 pages containing 21 great ideas and simple how to instructions for creating Google Maps placemarks, directions creating and publishing a quiz with Google Docs forms, directions for embedding books into your blog, and visual aids for accessing other Google tools. (You can check out the guide on Yudu here.)

The guide really generated a lot of ideas for me on how Google could be used in the classroom (especially the bookshelf and map functions). I even thought of using Google Maps to plot vacations or my son's baseball season with links to YouTube videos.

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