Thursday, April 22, 2010

How Secure are Your Passwords?

So just how secure are your computer system passwords? ...Please, please, please don't tell me your password is "password."

I know in this day and age that we have all registered at about 1,000 or more sites and we tend to use the same password or maybe four or five passwords if you are like me.  My different passwords have varying degrees of difficulty and the two I use for my financial records and for the CareerTech Testing Center's system have length, symbols, numbers, characters, and are word free. I never write them down and I have nightmares every night that I'll forget them, especially when I go on vacation. Yes, I actually did forget after my last vacation and I spent the first hour of work drinking an entire pot of coffee and trying different combinations, saying words I don't typically say, and I seriously thought I was developing my first ulcer and then I suddenly remembered. At first I felt a sense of relief and then complete stupidity. 

As a test publisher and host for thousands of test administrations around the country each year, the CareerTech Testing Center strongly encourages you to create STRONG PASSWORDS and to not only protect your computer system, but to control access to ours as well.

I recommend that you try Microsoft's Password Checker to find out the strength of your passwords. If your password doesn’t measure up, Microsoft also offers some great advice on how to create a strong password.

Additional resources: Creating Secure Passwords and 5 Tips to Keep Your Passwords Secret

And while your at it, it's a great opportunity to teach your students about cyber security as well!  J.T.

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