Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anatomy and Physiology - Another Great Product from MAVCC

MAVCC is pleased to announce that Anatomy and Physiology, 2nd edition (2010), will be available this summer!!

The second edition covers the organization of the human body, biochemistry and microbiology, infection, immunology, and sanitation, tissues, membranes, and wound healing, as well as all of the major body systems.

The Student Edition includes two spiral-bound Student Guides — Section A: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology and Section B: Major Body Systems and a Student CD.

The Student Guides contain the modules of instruction, consisting of learning activities sheets, objective sheets, information sheets and student supplements.

The Student CD contains the student workbook with interactive assignment sheets that allow students to complete and print, or complete, save and submit assignments via e-mail to instructor and an interactive student review for each module of instruction.

The Teacher Edition CD includes, among other valuable components, a Crosswalk to AST Core Curriculum, instructional/task analysis, basic skills matrix, PowerPoint presentations with color illustrations for each module, suggested activities and crossword puzzles, as well as customizable module reviews and answers, written tests and answers and learning activities sheets.

Anatomy and Physiology is a competency-based integrated curriculum; the contents of MAVCC’s instructional materials are tied to measurable and observable learning outcomes that align with the AST Core Curriculum. These materials are structured so that instructors and students have a clear understanding of what will be covered and how students will be evaluated as they move through each module of instruction.

For more information about this publication, visit the MAVCC online catalog, or contact their customer service department at 1-800-654-3988, or e-mail Cheryl Dorris at cdorr@okcareertech.org.

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