Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Study Reveals Professors Use Social Media

I just received a link to the following study by June Weiss at SREB and wanted to share it with you:

Sociable Professors
Just how "sociable" are college professors? A recent survey, conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group in collaboration with New Marketing Labs and Pearson, finds college faculty are increasingly using social media in their instruction.

More than 80 percent of college faculty are using social media, with more than half using these tools as part of their teaching, according to the survey, "Social Media in Higher Education." The study also states, that most faculty respondents (59%) have more than one social network account; nearly 25 percent have accounts on four or more social networks.

Click here to read the rest of the study.

To view a presentation of the results of the Pearson Social Media in Higher Education Survey, visit:

This makes me wonder if any studies have been done that reveal how "social" common education and/or career and technology education is? Does anyone know???  J.T.

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