Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When an "A" Isn't Enough

I came across an article written by Charlie Boss in the August 22, 2010 edition of The Columbus Dispatch entitled "When an A Isn't Enough."

According to the article:
Despite earning good grades and taking honors courses in high school, many students find themselves ill-prepared for college. Some blame grade inflation or unrealistic expectations at the next level.

Perry Robinson, director of admissions at Denison University, said a culture of trophy students and helicopter parents has put more pressure on teachers to give higher grades. "We're more comfortable with a 'Gentleman's B,'" he said. "Before, if a student just shows up and does average work, they would get a C. Now, it's moved to a B."

A 2008 study by the nonprofit Strong American Schools found that nearly four in five remedial students nationwide had a high-school GPA of 3.0 or higher.

"For any kid that has high grades and a high GPA in high school and has to take a remedial course in college, there's a mismatch somewhere," said Ken O'Connor, author of How to Grade for Learning: Linking Grades to Standards.

The issue has been a concern for years: 55 percent of college professors said their states do a poor job of preparing students for college work, according to a 2007 ACT National Curriculum Survey.
I hope you will read the complete article as I have only provided a few of the significant points made by Boss.

Is the pressure placed upon teachers by these hovering "helicopter" parents the reason for this "mismatch" between high school and college educational requirements? Could it be the pressure placed upon educators by politicians that every student should obtain a college degree? It is the pressure to lower the dropout rate? Is it a combination of these factors or what factors do you think are involved in this issue? Is not not ok to give a student a "C" anymore?

I think these are all questions that we should not only ask, but a significant problem that needs to be solved. I hope you will let us know your thoughts after reading this thought provoking article by Charlie Boss in the The Columbus Dispatch.

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