Tuesday, March 8, 2011

IDroo: An Online Educational Whiteboard

I wanted to introduce you to IDroo which is an online educational multiuser whiteboard that is free for non-commercial use. One of it's best features is that it can be used with Skype as well!

So what exactly does IDroo allow you to do that is different?
IDroo lets students (and instructors) instantly collaborate online.  Everything that is drawn or written on the whiteboard is visible to all participants in real-time.  IDroo supports an unlimited number of meeting participants, but one drawback for some is that it is only available in Windows.

IDroo features:
  • FREE for non-commercial use
  • Collaborative meetings with many participants (10 or even more)
  • Insert simple and complex mathematical equations
  • Draw and write your ideas
  • Express your mind through images
  • Take advantage of high quality calls over Skype
  • All drawings are easily editable vector graphics
  • Works with Wacom Bamboo, Wacom Intuos and other digital tablets
Who are using IDroo?
  • Schools, universities and private teachers for effective online tutoring
  • Businesses for productive brainstorming
  • Private users for interactive discussions
Possible educational uses for IDroo?
Collaboration with students from other schools, cities, states, or countries.
Classroom presentations from outside instructors or subject matter experts.
Online tutoring (individualized or as a "lab" for multiple students).
Project planning.

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