Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looking for a Way to Study at Any Time or Place? Try StudyBoost

Study Boost is a web-based study tool that allows students to create a batch of study question and then quiz themselves at any place or time by using a standard SMS or IM application on their mobile device. In addition, using simple text phrases such as next or repeat allows the user to interact with the questions easily from their mobile device. Teachers can also create question sets for their students and all questions can be shared with a student's peers.

What a great way to complement instruction and increase retention. All by using a simple cell phone to study any subject, at any time or any place!

According to's site:
Students and teachers are always looking for ways to improve and increase retention of material learned when in class but more specifically out side of the classroom. Students live demanding lives that may include juggling the myriad of activities they engage in. For example they may study, play sports, hang out with friends, have part-time jobs, and try to make time for their personal and family life. This is where Studyboost comes in.

StudyBoost helps make studying easy and convenient for you by complimenting your studies using Instant Messaging, Text Messaging and more.

8 reasons to use StudyBoost

1. Study with Instant Messengers, SMS and more

The days of not having time to study are long gone. With StudyBoost, you can study on your mobile device or favorite social site using instant messaging, SMS and more. Now you can study anywhere and whenever you want.

2. Enhance your study routine

Use StudyBoost to compliment your current study techniques and make learning and retaining information easier. StudyBoost provides a web-based application to users with the ability to post, share and study material with friends and provides a unique value, by delivering materials via Instant Messaging platforms, SMS and more.

3. Study on the go

Take pop quizzes using web-based study cards to help test you on content on your time. If you only have limited time to study during your busy day, set up timing specifications for pop quizzes to prompt you with 1 question every hour or numerous questions through-out the day. You can even set a scheduled cram session right before an exam.

4. Upload your study notes and create batches with ease

Take your study notes from class and upload them to create a batch of study questions. You can upload your written notes from class using our manual question creator or upload your notes electronically from a file, whichever best fits your style.

5. Test your study skills

Once you have your batch of questions ready, use StudyBoost to quiz yourself with the material.

6. Share and study with your friends

Create a group to share or discuss question batches with your friends or classmates. Modify and improve batches created by other group members to fit your study needs.

7. Search for batches instantly

Search for batches created by friends, classmates or colleagues as well as within your school or company. You can also browse public batches created by other users to study or edit to tailor for your personal study needs.

8.  Is it free to use?

Take a look at StudyBoost and let us know what you think!

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  1. While I applaud their idea, BOTH of the examples in their commercial are incorrect. Not only do they mean "expand," instead of "reduce," the expansion of (x+5)(x-3) is x^2 + 2x - 15. Further, the solution to x^2 = 16 is x = 4 or -4 ("or" in the mathematical sense--colloquially, you would say "and").


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