Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Law, Public Safety, Security & Corrections Core Assessment

This NEW online assessment, from the CareerTech Testing Center, is an end-of-program assessment for students in law enforcement, criminal justice, security and or corrections programs. The assessment provides an indication of student mastery of basic knowledge and concepts necessary for success in careers in these areas.

The Law, Public Safety, Security, & Corrections Core Assessment was developed in partnership with the National Partnership for Careers in Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security to provide a method to identify, measure, and ultimately recognize student achievement in law, public safety, security, and corrections programs.

The Knowledge and Skills Statements for the Law, Public Safety, Security and Corrections Cluster developed by the States’ Career Cluster Initiative are the heart of the certificate program. These standards identify the basic knowledge and skills that all entry-level workers in this sector need to be successful, regardless of the pathway or occupation they select.

The National Law, Public Safety, Security and Corrections Core Assessment is a 100-question assessment that measures student mastery of the basic knowledge and skills needed by all workers in the law and public safety sector. Students are provided meaningful feedback on their performance in ten key areas.

Students scoring 70% or higher on the National Law, Public Safety, Security and Corrections Core Assessment receive a certificate recognizing their accomplishment.

All assessment items were written by subject matter experts from several states and students from across the United States assisted with beta-testing. Information about the assessment, including ordering information ($12.00 per student per administration) can be obtained at http://www.lpssctest.com/.

Please contact the CareerTech Testing Center at 800.522.5810 ext. 403 to order this new assessment today!

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