Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tag Galaxy: Visual Word Mapping

Tag Galaxy featuring "Claude Monet"
 Tag Galaxy is a cool mashup that uses Flickr images and a Flash interface. This tool can help students explore relationships between words and ideas as well as view pictures related to that word.

All you have to do is type in a word to search and then you are transferred to a galaxy with the original word at the center and the associated ideas orbiting around it. When you click on the word in the center, a globe populates with pictures from Flickr that are tagged with that word. Click on one of the orbiting words and tags related to that word start to orbit. Tag Galaxy is a great way to view information and visualize relationships.

A word of a little careful prior to sharing with students. Although I haven't seen any questionable pictures in the "globes" I have created, people upload all kinds of images and there could always be one that might cause some concern. I hope you enjoy Tag Galaxy
A "World" featuring Claude Monet.

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