Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FileStork - Request Files From Anyone Using Dropbox

I made a previous post about Dropbox, a special folder on your computer that allows you to simply drop in files and then they are instantly available on any of your other computers (desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and/or other mobile devices), and I wanted to now tell you about another new service associated with Dropbox.

FileStork offers Dropbox users an easy and secure way to request files from anyone, anywhere. In other words, FileStork enables you to allow other people to upload files to your Dropbox without the hassle and risk of sharing a folder. This is a secure medium that bridges the gap between users and non-users of Dropbox. Anyone with a Dropbox account is able to utilize the services of FileStork. Currently they are capping the maximum allowable file size to 75MB.

There are 4 steps to using FileStork:
  1. Connect with Dropbox
  2. Send a request for files
  3. Recipient uploads their files
  4. Files are delivered and viewable in your Dropbox
I think this service can enhance the day-to-day operations of many business and educational entities. I hope you'll try FileStork.

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