Thursday, August 11, 2011

"iPad Apps" and "Google Apps and Tools" Meet Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Kathy Schrock has provided two great resources:  Bloomin' iPad and Bloomin' Google.

Her Bloomin' iPad page provides links (each app image is clickable) to iPad applications that target the various levels of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. She only included free apps that were "content-neutral" to make them usable across the curriculum. Kathy also tried to include apps for the iPad only, but a few iPhone apps may have snuck in!

If you have other iPad apps you would like to recommend that meet the same criteria, please fill out the Google Survey at the bottom of the Bloomin' iPad page. The results will be public so we can all benefit from each other's expertise.

Each app image is clickable on Bloomin' iPad, and you will be taken to the iTunes Store to learn more about each one.

Also try Kathy's Bloomin' Google page where "Google Apps and Tools meet Bloom's Revised Taxonomy"

The graphic above is a clickable image map when you visit Kathy Shrock's Bloomin' Google page (Simply click on the tool to visit it!)
Thanks to Kathy Schrock for the great "clickable" charts and resources! You can also visit her blog, Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch, for additional ideas and resources.

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