Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks

The Google Digital Literacy Tour...
is dedicated to the education of families on how to stay safe online. iKeepSafe teamed up with Google to create a free curriculum for educators to teach what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.

The curriculum is designed to be interactive, discussion filled and allow students to learn through hands-on and scenario activities. Each workshop contains a resource booklet for both educators and students that can be downloaded in PDF form, presentations to accompany the lesson and animated videos to help frame the conversation.

The three workshops available are:
  1. Detecting Lies and Staying True
  2. Playing and Staying Safe Online
  3. Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks
They also have a fourth video entitled, "Staying Safe on YouTube."

Although the videos are geared toward students, I believe they are a great resource for parents and employees as well.

Please watch "Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks"

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